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15 Funny Confessions of Designers You’d Never Expect

Joshua Johnson has written and come up a series of 15 minimalist posters of funny confessions of designers that are out to challenge the preconceptions that people have of designers. We know not all designers are perfect Mac-owning, Flash-loving. To be honest, have you ever used Comic Sans in your designs? Or any copyrighted image from Google Images? Do...

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These 10 Bad Habits Are Killing Your Productivity

Don’t disrupt yourself with doing these stupid bad habits. You have to stop doing these 10 habits immediately to boost your productivity. Being more smarter and more productive is not harder through change your habits. Luxafor Blog has created a great post that how we stop bad habits with their solutions as well. One of bad habit is Multi-tasking habit, We...

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How Much Salary Does a Graphic Designer in India Get?

So you are a graphic designer right. Maybe you are fresh out of school/college and looking for a job or job change to full fill your dreams of designing, that admire your artistic voice and stylistic choice. Maybe you’ve worked 10 years as a full-time designer under your belt, but it’s time for a change in scenery. Regardless of...

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