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Stunning Illustration and Pencil Drawings by Kerala Artist Ajayan Chalissery

In this post we have added his best illustration and pencil drawings for your inspiration. Ajayan Chalissery is a famous artist in Kerala. His famous drawings are creator vs copy Dogs, Pain of creativity, Shut down Nuclear Plant and Different...

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Cosplay Photography Examples By Kris Ezergailis

An australia based photographer Kris has been photographing people since he could get his hands on fresh film. His introduction to cos play at a convention in 2009 was a re-awakening of his childhood and quickly Cosplay photography became one of...

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Jobs in Lakshya Digital

Required Positions : 2D Artist | 3D Animator | 3D Modeling Artist | 3D Texturing Artist About Lakshya Digital : Lakshya Digital is a Game Development services studio Corporate office in Gurgaon. (NCR) Lakshya is what it is, because of its...

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Innovative Photography concepts by Iain Crawford

In this post, you’ll find a variety of creative photography for the viewing pleasure of our eyes. A London-based photographer Iain Crawford mastered the way to capture the collision of a model’s body and a splash of paint so well,...

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Professional Photo Retouching – Pure Beauty – By MTC

In this post we’ve added a tutorial on a fairly simple and easy way to retouch the portrait.

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Underwater Photography by Award Winner Elena Kalis

In this post, you’ll find a variety of awe-inspiring pictures for the viewing pleasure of our eyes. Being underwater is such a limitless and free experience. The silence and emptiness of your surrounding becomes your own little space. Russian Photographer...

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Magnificent Glamour Photography Examples

Taking magnificent photos of women relies hugely on great understanding. So how do you take great photos of women? Here are  inspired photography examples for you. Please give us your opinion.  We are always interested in hearing your thoughts. Your feedback/comments is valuable to us and will...

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