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Justice Magazine Design Portraits By Artgerm

Maybe its simply the format, but I absolutely love this series of portraits from Artgerm (aka Stanley Lau). Spotlighting the new 52 versions of the characters, the pieces mimic a newsstand magazine to a tee, including character specific bylines....

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Stunning Digital Paintings and Illustrations by Artist Serge Birault

We have added some of the most beautiful and glamourous digital paintings from Serge Birault‘s gallery.                                              ...

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Brilliant Advertising campaign Life’s Too Short for the Wrong Job

Jobs In Town, a German staffing agency, devised these creative eye catching ads for their marketing campaign. The ads translate to “Life’s too short for the wrong job” and brilliantly emphasize on that statement. These creative ads won numerous...

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The Making of the BioThemes Logo

In this post we’ve added Bio Themes Logo tutorial for your inspiration. The BioThemes logo was build in Photoshop at super large dimensions. The whole design is based on a leaf texture file sourced from Caleb Kimbrough. Start with : ...

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Make Advanced Hair Selections in Photoshop

In this post we’ve added a tutorial on how to make hair selection and removing a background from an image and then replacing the deleted background with a funky new design. Changing the background of an image is one of...

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Inspirative Imagination In Pictures

In this post, you’ll find a variety of imagination in highly-creative manipulation work. Realistic pictures reflect imagination of designer, which is “squeezed” into real photos. Most of the photos presented below capture the attention and the spirit, whether they are...

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Beautiful Portraits and Advertisement Photographs

by PrimoTacca Neto The experience with photography has opened doors for about three years. This young photographer has highlighted the best magazines in the country. The relationship between the photographic act and fashion is not new. Always in touch...

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