Food-Mash-up-By-Martin Roller

Daily Need Objects Cleverly Mash-up By Martin Roller

A German artist Martin Roller constructs cleverly mash-up of objects in hilarious and astonishing ways in his body of work. He Takes and found object from the street market of Berlin, Martin Roller photographs interesting mash-ups of daily use objects and remnants of trash, transforming their original function. This colorful...


An artist creates stunning portraits using kitchen salt

Norway based a Croatian tattoo artist Dino Tomic creates stunning portraits, The whole portrait here was done using nothing else but normal kitchen salt! 🙂 Its Really interesting and fun medium to work with. It really resembles airbrushing (He works with airbrush about 5 years ago) so it was really...


A mouse who wants to be part of real life

With the great imagination of Swiss artist Loic Apreda. Without any doubt. He realised that combining a drawing character and real objects create the drawing desire the character is alive and a part of the real world. He created a mouse, known as Rikiki. Rikiki lives on paper and communicates...

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