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The Client is Always Right Quotes Poster Series

If you produce work for other people, you would probably have heard of the saying that “the client is always right” but is that really true? they can also make you feel devastated at the prospect of a ruined project. Sometimes, though, they can be really funny. Bristol-based designer and...

Shit-&-Fck-Mauro-Gatti-Turned-The-2-Most-Popular-Swear-Words-Into-Art View Full Post

The 2 Most Popular Swear Words “Shit & Fck” Turned Into Art by Mauro Gatti

Ever since Mauro Gatti touched to california from italy, designer and illustration artist Mauro Gatti has needed to “celebrate the two most famous swear words of all” as you’ll have guessed, they’re namely “shit” and “fck”. Giving a risible spin on what’s typically considered to be vulgar, he has created...

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10 Myths about a Graphic Design

“ Sometimes a designer is treated nothing less than a Genie of Aladdins Lamp. With a perception that he or she can do or make anything look so fabulous. But, Graphic designers are also human with full of practical application to their talent. ” Some people think graphic design is...

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