Color Preferences Based On Age And Gender

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Do you like PINK or BLUE. I’m sure if are a male defiantly you will choose Blue or If you’re a girl you choose Pink. What is the reason behind this? Why male and female like different colors as they growing age? Definitely, they do. And the proof is around all of us. As we all knows that a most of baby girl like pink in her collection and baby boys in blue. The assumption is that girls that age might find pink more likeable and the same belief applies to boys. Science says that the color preferences for each gender change as they grow older. For example, a one year old female might like the color pink but that preference changes as she comes into her teens. A boy is likely to change his color preferences the same way as he ages. And this is a scientific facts. DesignMantic has posted Age And Gender Based Color Preferences. check it out.

Color Preferences Based On Age And Gender

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