Test-Your-Color-Matching-Skills-With-This-Difficult-Quiz View Full Post

Test Your Color Matching Skills With This Difficult Quiz

How good are you in color matching skills?  Here is a Game to know how you are good to match colors. So we would not counsel playing this game if you’ve a large experience of work on your plate, because it’s an easyway to excise twenty minutes from your life in no time at all. however if you...

Dorota Pankowska Creates 13 Animals Artwork Out of 13 Perfect Circles View Full Post

Dorota Pankowska Creates 13 Animals Artwork Out of 13 Perfect Circles

Dorota Pankowska was inspired by the simplicity of the twitter logo, which was actually created out of 13 circles. She decided to create the same with other animals with only 13 circles. “Only 13 circles, she has doubt most of the animals will even be recognisable…” but surprisingly, Dorota Pankowska was pretty happy with what turned...

Food-Mash-up-By-Martin Roller View Full Post

Daily Need Objects Cleverly Mash-up By Martin Roller

A German artist Martin Roller constructs cleverly mash-up of objects in hilarious and astonishing ways in his body of work. He Takes and found object from the street market of Berlin, Martin Roller photographs interesting mash-ups of daily use objects and remnants of trash, transforming their original function. This colorful and clever series is both...

11-Differences-in-Clever-Illustrations-Between-Copywriters,-Art-Directors-and-Developers View Full Post

11 Differences in Clever Illustrations Between Copywriters, Art Directors and Developers

1. The brush   2. The file   3. Starts from scratch   4. The colors   5. The software   6. Things that piss them off   7. Back in the day   8. What time they leave work   9. How they know pop culture   10. The app   11. The social...

Incredible-and-stunning-Daenerys-Targaryen-Portrait-Using-Salt View Full Post

An artist creates stunning portraits using kitchen salt

Norway based a Croatian tattoo artist Dino Tomic creates stunning portraits, The whole portrait here was done using nothing else but normal kitchen salt! 🙂 Its Really interesting and fun medium to work with. It really resembles airbrushing (He works with airbrush about 5 years ago) so it was really not that hard to get...

Real-Zero-Gravity-Music-Video View Full Post

Upside Down & Inside Out a 100% Real Zero Gravity Music Video

OK Go’s Incredible 100% Real Zero Gravity Music Video (No Wires, No Green Screen) OK Go continue to up the music video ante, working once again with director Trish Sie (who is frontman Damian Kulash Jr’s sister), the band shot their latest mind-bending video for “Upside Down & Inside Out” in zero gravity, inside an actual airplane. This...

rikiki-mouse-want-tobe-part-of-real-life-with-Peanuts2 View Full Post

A mouse who wants to be part of real life

With the great imagination of Swiss artist Loic Apreda. Without any doubt. He realised that combining a drawing character and real objects create the drawing desire the character is alive and a part of the real world. He created a mouse, known as Rikiki. Rikiki lives on paper and communicates with completely different objects. He...

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