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Cool funny illustrations by Oscar Ramos

Oscar Ramos is a Chilean illustrator whose works are in general colorful and hilarious. The artist uses sometimes a trash style and most of his works are caricatures. The compositions are dynamic and the style detailed. If you want...

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Stunning 3D Interactive Paintings – Magic Art works

In this post we have added some stunning 3D Interactive Paintings – Magic Art works for your inspiration.                                            ...

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Beautiful Illustrations and Digital Illustrations by Loopy Dave

In this post we have added and happy to share a australia based Artist Loopy Dave. He is such a great illustrator who produces all type of digital paintings, illustrations, caricature and vector designs.              ...

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Hyper Realistic 3d illustrations by Tiago Hoisel

In this post we are going to show off some illustrations from Tiago Hoisel. He  hails from Ilheus, a small city in the Brazilian coast. He designs stunningly realistic illustrations that contain a touch of humor and are the...

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Justice Magazine Design Portraits By Artgerm

Maybe its simply the format, but I absolutely love this series of portraits from Artgerm (aka Stanley Lau). Spotlighting the new 52 versions of the characters, the pieces mimic a newsstand magazine to a tee, including character specific bylines....

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Stunning Digital Paintings and Illustrations by Artist Serge Birault

We have added some of the most beautiful and glamourous digital paintings from Serge Birault‘s gallery.                                              ...

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Innovative Digital Art works by Mark Fredrickson

In this post we have added Digital Art works Mark Fredrickson who lives in Tucson, Arizona. He studied Drawing and Photography from Tennessee Temple College in Chattanooga. He continued his education at the University of Arizona. Mark’s intensely dramatic and distinctively distorted but realistic style has...

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