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Artistic Luna Lamp Brings The Moon To Your Room

Luna is an artistic lamp design inspired by the Moon. The lamp is available in a range of seven sizes from the XXS 3.2 inch model to the XXL 23.6 version. The Taipei-based designers behind Luna are currently funding the project with an Indiegogo campaign that has already well exceeded its goal. More info: |...

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Digital Paintings by Giulio Rossi

Giulio Rossi an italian based artist & designer who is attracted and passionate with art, ever since he was a child, He is self-taught artist who explore and create own concepts, different techniques from acrylic paintings to ink and chalk drawings. Recently Giulio Rossi started drawing with a digitizing tablet and discovered a whole world...

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In focus : Graphic designer Rokas Mezetis

Rokas Mezetis is a graphic designer/web designer from Lithuania with some really wicked skills. If he produces artwork like the ones below at the age of 19, then I’m very interested to see what he can come up with in the future. Check out his complete portfolio. Please give us your opinion.  [divider]This post is part of our...

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