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Being a Designer You May Face 9 Tough Decisions Every Day

Being a designer can sometimes be a hard gig. Our days are filled with difficult decisions that can agitate our perfectionist minds. You’d think making these types of creative and productive choices should get easier over time, but even though we face these issues most days, making tough designer decisions is, and always will be,...

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Two Types of Design Clients in The World

All of full time designer/freelance designers deal with clients day in and day out. Here’s a series of creatives that defines the two types of clients we come across on a regular basis. There are two types of design clients in the world, Ones who listen to you (those who really want your expertise in more than...

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Google Chrome vs. RAM

We all struggle with Google Chrome’s high RAM usage and We all knows upgrading RAM is “much more difficult in laptops”. Chrome may be the best browser around, but it eats up your Computer’ RAM more and more as time passes. If you have ever looked at your task manager, you have probably flipped out at the sheer number of...

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9 Excuses of Design Clients Who Don’t Want to Pay

The sad reality is that as a designer, you will eventually have to face a couple of unfortunate truths in your career. The most unfortunate truth is that it will all too often present itself in the form of a client who want to bargaining or refuses to pay for your design service once all of the work which...

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Client Vs Designer – Funny Gifs of When Client Comes Back With More Changes

As a designer or creative director, you’ve probably had the experience of working with a client who repeatedly asks for more revisions with no end in sight. It’s frustrating, right? You want to keep the client happy without driving yourself crazy or ruining your profit margin. But some time its gonna crazy……. . All of...

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Test Your Color Matching Skills With This Difficult Quiz

How good are you in color matching skills?  Here is a Game to know how you are good to match colors. So we would not counsel playing this game if you’ve a large experience of work on your plate, because it’s an easyway to excise twenty minutes from your life in no time at all. however if you...

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Freelancer VS Full-Time Designer – Which is Better?

Do you prefer being a full-time designer or working as a freelancer? Is one a better choice htan the otjer? Which is right for you? To be honest, there’s no correct answer however there are certainly perks & pitfalls of each. In this post we have added few important yays and nays of being a freelancer...

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