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IN FOCUS – Digital Paintings by Ania Mitura

In this post we have added Digital Paintings by Ania Mitura for your inspiration. Ania Mitura is a digital artist from Poland. These are some of her digital artwork and for more I recommend you to visit her portfolio. She’ll definitely...

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In Focus – Stunning Canvas Paintings By Shikha Agnihotri

Shikha was born into a Hindu family in Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh, India, now she is living in New Delhi and opened her studio. She said : Being as a PhD holder in Drawing and Paintings but I don’t know...

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In Focus – Artist Trina Merry Creates a Temple Out of Bodies & Paint

Look closely, this is actually a temple made out of seventeen people Artist Trina Merry, 34, from New York, NY created a living temple out of seventeen naked circus performers and dancers to raise awareness for “Beyond the Four...

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In Focus – Graphic Artist Benjamin Delacour

Most artists want to take you somewhere else in their work, but Benjamin Delacour wants to take you apart! Benjamin Delacour’s computer is a wrecking ball for the human form, and with our eggshell skin cracked open, the vast...

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IN FOCUS – Fashion Photography by Luv Israni (37 Photos)

Fashion Photography: Luv Israni is a fashion photographer providing all professional advertising photography and celebrity photo shoot services in Mumbai, India. In this post we have added Fashion Photography Examples by Luv Israni for your inspiration. JOURNEY : At a very brownie...

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In focus : Graphic designer Rokas Mezetis

Rokas Mezetis is a graphic designer/web designer from Lithuania with some really wicked skills. If he produces artwork like the ones below at the age of 19, then I’m very interested to see what he can come up with...

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In focus – Digital Artist Alexiuss

today we are again featuring an artist name Alexiuss. His full name is Vital S. Alexius and he is from Canada. We have featured some of his precious items from gallery, he has done amazing work and we brought...

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