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Minimalist Animal Shaped Logo Designs by Shibu PG

A Kochi-based Indian graphic design artist Shibu PG has created a minimalist series of animal wordmarks that use animal figure and typography to indicate the shape of the animal inside its own name. He modifies just one letter to add the defining characteristic;  for an example, the letter “u” in the word “bull” has horns,...

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100 Most Creative Logo Designs For Your Inspiration

Achieving a well designed like neat, simple, handy, elegant, creative logo designs needs very hard work and being up so far with the most recent trends in design. It’s in all probability the simplest method of creating brand identity, creating an impact on customers and making certain that they will keep in mind your site...

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100 Pleasant Examples of Bird Logo Designs for your inspiration

Logos are not simply common pictures. It is the character of an association, which must be one of a kind and restrictive. Inferable from its importance in building the believability of an organization, logo planning is thought to be the most mind boggling assignment. As a business visionary, you expect to fly high and make...

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Beautiful Line Art Illustrations by Brian Steely

Beautiful Line Art Illustrations:  An Atlanta-based illustrator and designer Brian Steely creates a unique style of logo design. Brian Steely has great skills to create precise line art mixed with typography to build these great logos. have a look! In this post, we have hosted a collection of this great series of geometric compositions by Atlanta-based...

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Amazing Hexagon Logo Designs for your inspiration

Whether we realize it or not, shapes play an important role in the choices we make as consumers. There are instances where we may forget the name of a specific product, but we can clearly visualize the shape and style of its packaging. The hexagon is a shape that a logo designer can play with....

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