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Best Portrait Photo Retouching works by Regina Pagles

Best Portrait Photo Retouching by Regina Pagles: A New York based Headshot photographer Regina Pagles and her husband both are having interest and passion in photography and photo retouching. Regina Pagles ever since she was a child, she loved photography and her first photo was taken in her dad’s camera. We have gathered the most fabulous collection...

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10 Famous Photographers From Around the World With Their Photography Work

Famous Photographers from around the world : We all knows being a good photographer is not easy, let alone getting to that professional level. In this post added a list of ten famous photographers if you are photography passionate this post is actually for you. Definitely you will be inspire from their work. We want you...

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Stunning & Creative Slow Motion Photography Examples

High-speed photography is an intriguing way to capture images that the human eye would not normally see because it is moving too quickly for us. With high-speed photography you can capture the point of impact or explosion and freeze movements in time that are happening tremendously fast. In the past, it was most commonly used...

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Creative Photographer Mashes Two Photos Together For Hilarious Results (New Pics)

Believe it or not, the images below are not Photoshopped – it’s all really a product of pure brilliance, talent, and wild imagination. Yes, none of these photos have been manipulated using any graphic-editing software. Also check Innovative Photography concepts by Iain Crawford In fact, giving it a closer look will reveal that these pieces are actually...

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25 Beauty Skin Retouching works by Cyril Lagel

The work in Cyril Lagel’s professional glamour and fashion portfolio is among the best in France, and the world. Cyril’s ability to capture the beauty of a woman on film became evident the moment we laid eyes on his work. Cyril’s images not only show us the beauty of the female human form, but they...

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Brilliant Photography by Yuri Hahhalev

Yuri Hahhalev, a photographer based in Tallinn, Estonia, it all started in 2003. Studying at university at that time, he had received an unexpected grant and spent it on his first digital camera. Constantly progressing ever since both technically and artistically, Yuri realized that photography became for him not just a hobby but a passion for...

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Guy Who Follows His Girlfriend Around The World Goes To India

A Russian photographer Murad Osmann went viral last year with a collection of photographs “followmeto”. Murad Osmann who was following his girlfriend around the world has finally gone to India and taken #followmeto to the next level. This time Osmann’s girlfriend, Nataly Zakharova, was getting tired of him always being preoccupied with his camera, literally resorting to...

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