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Jobs-in-Xentrix-Studios-CGfrogRequire : Animator – Junior/Intern | Character FX – Junior/Intern | Compositor – Mid Level | Vfx Artist – Mid Level | Lighting Artist | Modeling Artist – Mid Level | Texture Artist – Lead | 3D Game Modelers | Web Developer
Xentrix Studios : Xentrix was founded in Bangalore in June 2010 when old friends and competitors Viren Patil and Jai Natarajan found themselves simultaneously transitioning from previous commitments. They were joined by a multinational group of senior industry people who had already experienced success in their careers, and were all driven by the desire to work together and co-create a new artist-driven animation studio.

Xentrix Studios has the pleasure in inviting on board for our requirements in the respective divisions:

1.  Animator – Junior/Intern
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2.  Character FX – Junior/Intern
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3.  Compositor – Mid Level
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4.  Vfx Artist – Mid Level
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5.  Lighting Artist
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6.  Modeling Artist – Mid Level
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7.  Texture Artist – Lead
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8.  3D Game Modelers
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9.  Web Developer
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