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A 7-year-old girl wrote a letter to Google asking for a job—here’s how the CEO responded

Everyone want to job in Google, Work in Google just like dream. A 7-year-old girl to apply for jobs at Google so obviously it would be surprising. 7 years old girl Chloe Bridgewater, who lives in Hereford, UK, wrote a hand-written letter to Google asking for a job. Which is quite interesting. She said in the...

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Two Designers Confront the Gender Pay Gap by Comparing Their Salaries

Do You Feel Like You Are Paid What You Deserve? The Gender Pay Gap: Two graphic designers, Kelli and Eric, honestly share about their salaries, imposter syndrome, and demanding what you deserve. Glamour Magazine has asked two strangers with similar jobs at different companies to have a conversation about their jobs and reveal their salaries. Here the...


Behind the Scenes of Fan Movie Vfx Breakdown

Fan is SRK’s Rukh Khan’s latest adventure story movie. Shahrukh Khan has done lot of diligence for his toughest role within the movie. Recently Shahrukh Khan went through digital 3D face scanning for YRF’s forthcoming film Fan. The inventive team of this film provides an in-depth look at how Gaurav’s look was achieved. they need...

Shelley Gifford creates intricate hairstyles on her daughter Grace’s hair every morning before school-02 View Full Post

Shelley Gifford creates intricate hairstyles on her daughter Grace’s hair every morning before school

With no hairdressing experience Shelley is self taught and has a real passion for braiding! Her name is Shelley Gifford from Melbourne, Australia and she has a beautiful little daughter named Grace. Growing up she always loved braiding, and any chance she could get to braid family and friends hair she did. But at the time...

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Making of The Amazing Spider-Man 2 with Exclusive Animated GIFs

Sony Pictures The Amazing Spider-Man 2 takes Spider-Man to life like not ever seen earlier. Lookout special behind the scene, making of Spider-Man Animation by Sony Pictures Imageworks. Described by David Schaub Animation Supervisor at Sony Pictures Imageworks. The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Elite Spider-Man Animation Feature, Vfx that mark Spider-Man seem like he is truly swinging...

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