Client First Tips: Prospective Client in The First Meeting View Full Post

Client First Meeting Tips: How a Designer Completely Rock Their Prospective Client in The First Meeting

How to Rock Prospective Client in The First Meeting: Best news ever! A potential client has scheduled an in-person meeting with you to discuss their needs and how you might be able to help them. Eeeeek! That means you actually have to go and talk face to face with them. What will you say? How...

Terms That The Graphic Designers Always Get Wrong Featured View Full Post

14 Terms That The Graphic Designers Always Get Wrong

Terms That The Graphic Designers Always Get Wrong:  Most of the designers don’t know the important differences between some of the terms we use daily. One of example is font and a typeface. They use the two terms interchangeably. We need to know that the font is the variation of weights (bold, book, italic, thin) of...

Best iOS and Android Apps to Make Money with Smartphone View Full Post

Best iOS and Android Apps to Make Money with Smartphones

Best Apps to Make Money with Smartphones: These days everyone have smartphone mobiles, Havr you ever think? Or did you know you could make money by using these free apps to do things like watching videos, give user opinions/reviews, gym exercising, downloading other apps or as simple as taking photos. We’ve posted here to show you...

Color Thesaurus / Correct Names of Color Shades View Full Post

It’s Bubblegum Not Dark Pink, Name Correctly of Any Imaginable Color Shades

It’s “Cherry” not dark red. Just like “indigo” is not dark blue, A writer Sundberg began to create a personal collection “Color thesaurus“ of 12 color names by pulling from sources all around her. Sundberg began said, Having a variety of color names at my fingertips helps me to create specificity in my writing. I can...

Top Logo Design Mistakes View Full Post

Top 5 Logo Design Mistakes To Avoid

Some common Logo Design Mistakes can still take an aesthetically appealing logo and turn it into a branding nightmare. The art of logo design is littered with pitfalls. In this post we have reveal the 5 biggest mistakes to avoid, in order to guide your design to logo glory. Also, read: Top 5 The Most Common...

How to Get More Clients View Full Post

15 Surprising Ways to Get More Clients (and Keep Them Coming)

Ways to Get More Clients: That can be one of the most difficult and anxiety-inducing struggles for a business owner. Want to be booked months in advance? In today’s post, I’m sharing 15 in-depth strategies that will — hands down — help you get more clients for your service-based business. Running your own business can...

How To Take A Perfect Selfie Photo View Full Post

Are You a Selfie Addict? Best Tips: How To Take A Perfect Selfie

Are You a Selfie Addict and Searching How To Take A Perfect Selfie? This post is for you, Millions of selfies are taken and shared every day, but how do you make yours stand out in the crowd? We all knows that we never retake a photo again! Even sometimes you feel guilty of taking dozens of selfies just...

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