These 10 Bad Habits Are Killing Your Productivity

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These 10 Bad Habits Are Killing Your Productivity: Don’t disrupt yourself with doing these stupid bad habits. You have to stop doing these 10 habits immediately to boost your productivity. Being more smarter and more productive is not harder through change your habits.

Luxafor Blog has created a great post that how we stop bad habits with their solutions as well.

One of a bad habit is Multi-tasking habit, We have to Stop multi-tasking, seriously stop. Multitasking is the worst and most common bad habit in working people. Multi-tasking actually doesn’t necessarily to make you more productive as we all may think this. But the reality is this you can actually achieve more than in less of time if you do a single task and focus on getting one thing done well.


Another stupid bad habit is “Saying “Yes” all the time and doesn’t know how to say “No”. As Warren Buffett says, “You can’t let other people set your agenda in life.” Saying “No” means you have time to focus on your own needs, rather than constantly serving other people. If you are a freelance designer you may read this How to say no to design client and refuse bad projects.

These habits that are actually sabotaging your productivity

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These 10 Bad Habits Are Killing Your Productivity