Infographic: 10 Common Prepress Mistakes and Solution

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Prepress Mistakes: Designing for print can be a minefield for newbies. There are so many easy mistakes to make that can have a serious impact on the quality of your final prints. With print runs also being very expensive, these mistakes can prove very costly. May you re-design whole artworks. Hopefully, today’s discussion about common beginner mistakes to avoid will help prepare you with the crucial knowledge required to correctly set up a design for print.

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In my way design is not (only) about their rules. If it feels good for you, just go with it. Remember: if you put 2 dots randomly on a page it can be considered design.
Here We’ve hosted an infographic of common design mistakes for you to be aware of.

10 Common Prepress Mistakes and Solution:


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Infographic: 10 Common Prepress Mistakes and Solution