10 Horrifying Fonts That Give Graphic Designers Shudder!

10 Horrifying Fonts

Need some scary fonts for your design? Are you scared with Papyrus & comic sans? and  If you are, this post actually for you here are we have hosted horrifying fonts “must never be used” in any of your works – unless you’re planning to scare someone. Designs knows the Typography plays an important role and is an integral part of any design; be it print or web. These fonts that will definitely give you the chills if you’re a graphic designer and creating horrifying design. Logo Design Guru put together this collection of the ten scariest fonts for your designs.

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10 Horrifying Fonts That Give Graphic Designers Shudder!

Horrifying Font 1
Chiller Vs Bleeding Cowboys, NeoPrint M319, and Feast of Flesh BB
Horrifying Font 2
Comic Sans MS Vs Cartoonist Hand, Blokletters Potlood, and Comic Neue
Horrifying Font 3
Curiz Vs KG Only Human Font, Watermelon Script, and Sevillana
Horrifying Font 4
Papyrus Vs Beata™ LP, ITC Cancione™, and Baker Signet™

Horrifying Font 5
Vivaldi Vs Inoxida, Tangerine, and Mf Wedding Bells


Horrifying Font 6
Impact Vs Langdon, Musket, and Redbud

Horrifying Font 7
Helvetica Vs Neoteric, Mohave, and Dense
Horrifying Font 8
Brush Script Vs Sticky Things, Playlist, and Syabab Brush Script

Horrifying Font 9
ITC Bradley Hand Vs Berenice, Metafors, and Stay Writer

Horrifying Font 10
Lobster Vs Thirsty Script, Jeboy, and Krinkes

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10 Horrifying Fonts That Give Graphic Designers Shudder!