Ever wondered if you could really learn design online for free? You don’t always have to spend money to make money. There’s plenty of free information available and it is now possible to learn how to design online. Here are twelve great and useful tips, all free of cost. We have previously hosted 10 Lessons for Young Designers which I’m sure would be of great help too.

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Free Ways to Learn Design Online

Here are 12 free ways to learn design. These tips will also help one to learn design online.

  1. Learn your design history.
  2. Understand the basic term.
  3. Navigate the design blogs.
  4. Follow designers on social media.
  5. Research the greats.
  6. Study other designer’s work.
  7. Use free Adobe.
  8. Take free online classes.
  9. Use free Adobe alternatives.
  10. Take free online classes.
  11. Watch great video tutorials.
  12. Watch TED talks on design.
Learn Design online for Free
Infographic to show best 12 free ways to learn design easily.

Via CreativeMarket


Designing is an art as well as a science. Some people possess designing as an innate talent while many others learn design over a period of time. With the advent of technology, it is also possible to learn design online these days. Do let us know what other things you follow to learn design.

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