28 Photoshop Tricks, Tips & Powerful hidden feature for Beginner

28 Powerful Hidden Tips, Tricks, & Features of Photoshop

28 Powerful Hidden Tips, Tricks, & Features of Photoshop: Photoshop is a versatile and powerful design tool and continues to upgrade with new features. Might be you’re using Photoshop over 20 years. Many Photoshop user still not knows many of the things you can do with Photoshop. Tutvid comes up with this tutorial which is going to rip the mask off of 28 hidden tips, tricks, and features of Photoshop. Some of these features we use on a daily and some only use a few times a month, but these are all hidden tips that most people don’t know about. Let’s learn some awesome tips and tricks together!

Photoshop Tricks and Tips & Tricks for Beginners

Now you power up your photoshop skills with these 28 Photoshop hidden tips, tricks, and features that will increase your productivity overnight.

Timeline of the Video:

  1. 0:00 Intro
  2. 0:51  Design Space (Preview)
  3. 1:43  Layers Panel Options
  4. 2:58 The Rubber Band
  5. 3:34  Selecting Skin Tones
  6. 4:13  Changing the angle w/ Clone Stamp
  7. 5:51  Commit Type Change Hotkey
  8. 6:27  Moving a Live Path Anchor Point Trick
  9. 7:08  Impressive Copy Merged Feature
  10. 7:57  Open a Flattened PSD to Save Time
  11. 8:40  Lock Transparent Pixels
  12. 10:04 Power of Blend If
  13. 11:55  Convert Layer Styles to Pixels
  14. 12:59 Moving a Drop Shadow
  15. 13:47 Bird’s Eye View
  16. 14:10 Copying CSS Styles from Photoshop
  17. 15:20 Paste Into/Outside Of
  18. 16:49 Spring-Loaded Hand Tool
  19. 17:11  Reverting a PSD
  20. 17:37 Adjust the Global Light
  21. 19:06 Spring Loaded Tools
  22. 20:04 Precise Painting Mode
  23. 20:47 Color Replacement Tool
  24. 22:15  Sample Color Outside of Photoshop
  25. 23:17 HUD Brush Resizer
  26. 24:13 HUD Color Picker
  27. 25:50 The Secret “Reset” Button
  28. 26:35 Instant Before/After Hotkey Trick
  29.  27:04 Hotkey for every Blend Mode


Download Keyboard Shortcuts of Photoshop Blend Mode

Photoshop Blending Modes Keyboard Shortcuts

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