Top 5 Best Free Ebooks Every Graphic Designer Should Read


Free ebooks every graphic designer: Are you doing well at what you’re doing? How would one judge that? Do you read books related to your field? Do you refer to different sources to upgrade your knowledge?

If no, please go through these ebooks as they won’t cost you anything. They would rather enhance your knowledge and creativity. Reading is helpful in all fields, and so it is also of great help to graphic designers. Like all other areas of work need to be mastered, graphic designing is also an art that one can master with a lot of practice.

Here is a list of free ebooks every graphic designer should read. These ebooks are a great source of information which is available at all times. These books are a must read for designers from all aspects of designing work.

Hope you enjoy!

5 Free eBooks Every Graphic Designer Should Read:

1. The Vignelli Canon – Massimo Vignelli

Free Ebooks Every Graphic Designer - The Vignelli Canon

Massimo Vignelli was a passionate designer of the 20th century. He is one of the greatest designers of his time. Massimo Vignelli was not just a creative designer, he also had immense knowledge about his field. He has shared various designing principles, rules, and other significant information which all designers must know, in this book. This ebook is dedicated to his wife Lella, and his professional partner.



2. Pixel Perfect Precision – USTWO


The Pixel Perfect Precision Handbook is four years old. It is a comprehensive book on the digital design which covers a lot of knowledge and process about the same.

Gyppsy states that the third generation of this book is even better than its previous editions. A lot of up-gradation has been done to this book. This book also throws light on how we work apart from just talking about pure pixels. The new chapter on Design and Development is a perfect example of the revisions made in this book.



3. How to be Creative – Hugh MacLeod


Hugh MacLeod is a well-renowned blogger, an advertising executive, and an all-around successful person. He reveals his success formula in the book and shares his thoughts upon creativity. He also talks about how can one stay creative in order to be successful in his life. The answer to which are given through his 26 tried-and-true tips for bringing out the artist in you. MacLeod also inspires his readers to work hard and be true to their work. He has also discussed the challenges and rewards of being creative. This book is a complete guide to every designer who seeks some motivation.



4. The Design Funnel – Stephen Hay


This ebook by Stephen Hay is a guide to be more creative at all times. This book gives you tips on how to raise the quality and ultimately the quantity of your output. This book defines professionalism and guides you to have that edge over your competitors. It helps you build clarity in your thoughts and also understand the client’s requirements.



5. The Guide to Wireframing

The Guide to Wireframing

This ebook is a complete guide to wireframing which guides its readers at all stages of designing to create an outstanding product. This book describes all the information which a designer must keep in mind from conceptualization to launching.

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