5 Golden Rules to Effective Designer – Client Feedback: As being designer we all knows that design feedback is a very important part of the design process, but often we get distracted from our mission to create a great design during this part of the process by other topics. This infographic created by zillion designs explains what to do to get effective feedback between the designer and the client. Design feedback on the project that designers get the most frustrated about because they feel it doesn’t work. Each client has strong opinions and tension will rise, and it becomes hard to keep your cool when someone else understands what you are trying to say.

5 Golden Rules to Effective Designer – Client Feedback

Below the countdown of these 5 golden rules to effective designer

5. Stay in touch

4. Present S.M.A.R.T. design goals

3. K.I.S.S. with design details

2. Talk to your client and

1. The client is always right

5 Golden Rules to Effective Designer - Client Feedback

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