5 Links That Can Make Every Graphic Designer’s Life Easy

best graphic design resources

So you are looking for the ultimate list of best graphic design resources online? Being a graphic designer takes a unique mix of creativity, skill, patience, excellent communication. You’ll always need to stock up on graphics, stock photography, and fonts as well as rely on other helpful tools to successfully get your work done. I’m working in designing field over 10 years and found some of the best links that I cannot work without.

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Here are those 5 links, Your life is about to get a whole lot easier.

1. Coolors

Graphic Designer Resource - Coolors

Definitely one of my favorites. A simple color scheme generator. Very simple, easy to use and share color schemes.

Best alternatives:
Color Hunt
Adobe Kuler

2. Pixabay

Graphic Designer Stock Resource - Pixabay

Every designer’s needs/search royalty free photos for his project. Due to copywriting violation you should not use photos from the search engine like google, bing etc. Pixabay is royalty free photos portal! Pixabay offers an easy-to-use search feature, the images are absolutely brilliant. that’s what we want.

Best alternatives:

Please Note: You need to locate websites that explicitly define the copyright license of each image. For all the sites listed above, the license is generally pretty easy to find. There’s typically a description of the license on every page or at least a link to a description.

3. Fontsquirrel

Graphic Designer Font Resource - Fontsquirrel

Font Squirrel is the number one best place to find quality, free, commercial use fonts. The best part of this website is that even you have full lists of glyphs of each font and you can take a test drive with the way you to enter text to see how it will look in a particular font face.

Best alternatives:
Google Fonts

4. Noun Project – Icons for Everything

Graphic Designer Icon Resource - Noun Project

Either Graphic Designer or Web Designer, All the Designers need icons every time, so here is a website that has a huge collection of icons. We can get various formats including vector eg .png, .eps and .svg formats as well.

Best alternatives:

5. Panda (Google Chrome Extension)

Design Inspiration Resource

As all knows, People can’t grow without inspiration. If you want to browse multiple inspirational websites at the same time than Panda is Google Chrome extension that fulfills your daily inspiration needs. Panda showcases great design which is recently published on design communities like Dribbble, Behance, DeviantArt etc. Panda is a great thing to stay updated in the design field.

Best alternatives:
and of course CGfrog. 😉

Let me know if you like this post. Happy Designing!

*Be sure to check each website’s license page for specific details.

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