Adobe Scribbler will make your dream to colorize Black and White images in just a few seconds, come true. How exciting does this sound?!

Do you ever wish to convert your black and white Images or sketch into colored images?

If yes! This might be your savior then. With just the click of a button, this AI will let you turn any black and white image into a colored one. But this can only do face so far!!

At the Adobe conference in October, the engineers at Adobe revealed about their latest project Scribbler which can change any black and white image into a colored one. This also makes the image look more realistic. The technology that it uses is the Adobe Sensei artificial intelligence technology.

Photoshop has revolutionized the design and the photography industry; the image based industry in all. Knowing the basic tips and tricks is a must when using Photoshop. This ensures easy and fast working.

As mentioned above, the system was developed using the Adobe Sensei deep learning system. The Adobe researchers have minutely trained a neural network on tens of thousands of carefully chosen photos. These photos teach it facial features in new photos and fill in realistic colors (based on its best guess). This means that it can actually discriminate between different races. However, the team is further working on improving certain features which might allow certain modification into the colorized image also.


This is a great technology which may or may not become the future product. Even though it allows one to colorize B&W image with great ease, its future is undecided.

The Adobe researcher Jingwan Lu presented the project Adobe Scribbler. The demonstration illustrated how to colorize B&W images/portraits.

Adobe Scribbler AI can create a realistic color image from a sketch/Photos





Adobe Scribbler could also add any desired texture to an image as demonstrated in the video. Thus, the user just needs to place part(s) of texture at the desired place. This will give a hint to the Scribbler to apply the same texture to the image.


Adobe Scribbler could be useful in many ways. For example, photographers could use this to colorize B&W images quickly.

Watch Below How Sribbler Works:

Source: Adobe Creative Cloud

Thus, we all will definitely have an eye on the updates as we will be eagerly waiting for Adobe Scribbler to colorize B&W images in a jiffy. You can view the entire paper for free here.

Via: Adobe Research

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