Artistic Luna Lamp Brings The Moon To Your Room

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Luna is an artistic lamp design inspired by the Moon. The lamp is available in a range of seven sizes from the XXS 3.2 inch model to the XXL 23.6 version.

The Taipei-based designers behind Luna are currently funding the project with an Indiegogo campaign that has already well exceeded its goal.

More info: | facebook | twitter | indiegogo (h/t: laughingsquid)


moon-lamp-luna-acorn-studio-taiwan-2 moon-lamp-luna-acorn-studio-taiwan-3 moon-lamp-luna-acorn-studio-taiwan-4 moon-lamp-luna-acorn-studio-taiwan-5 moon-lamp-luna-acorn-studio-taiwan-8 moon-lamp-luna-acorn-studio-taiwan-12 moon-lamp-luna-acorn-studio-taiwan-25 moon-lamp-luna-acorn-studio-taiwan-26 moon-lamp-luna-acorn-studio-taiwan-29 moon-lamp-luna-acorn-studio-taiwan-30 moon-lamp-luna-acorn-studio-taiwan-GIEF

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Artistic Luna Lamp Brings The Moon To Your Room