How Designers Should Treat with Clients

Client designer relationship

The most difficult thing is managing relationships of client-designer. we have a tendency to can’t change however clients are. clients have behaved this way for ages and they always will. However, we will try to look at things in a slightly different angle. I’d like to imply a remarkable facet of designer-client-relationship which will help us perceive clients on a more human level. David Ogilvy has written an article on how to handle clients.

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Here, we glance at one of the most infuriating forms of client known to creatives worldwide…

How To Handle Clients:

  1. Never submit an ad unless you honestly think it is good.
  2. Always put your Client’s interests above the agency’s.
  3. Never tell a Client a lie.
  4. When you make a serious mistake, tell your Client before he (or she) hears it from somebody else.
  5. Ask your Client for their opinions, and listen attentively to what they say.
  6. Never get between a Client and the footlights. Give her (or her) the credit for our success.
  7. Never miss a due date, even if it means working nights and weekends.
  8. Never get involved in the politics in the Client’s office.
  9. Never leak the Client’s secrets.
  10. When your Client makes a mistake, rush to the rescue.
  11. Know more about the Client’s business than he (or she) does.
  12. Invent new ways to help your Clients grow their business—above and beyond the call of duty.
  13. If you think a Client is a dope, conceal your opinion.
  14. Never use a product which is manufactured by one of the Client’s competitors.
  15. Make friends with your Clients, but never grovel. For example, never thank a Client for coming to a meeting.
  16. Never give a job to anyone in a Client’s family. They are impossible to fire.
  17. Expose your Clients to other people in the agency, in case you are hit by a taxi.
  18. Never argue with Clients about charges. Leave it to somebody in our Treasurer’s department.
  19. If you think you are a bad fit on an account, tell your boss. He can then assign it to someone else.

If you behave like this, you will win the gratitude and respect of your Clients

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