Funny, Painfully Honest Diagrams that completely sum Up A Designer’s Life


A New York-based designer and educator person has since created a website “” by Mitch Goldstein which is packed with some logistician diagrams that creatively and accurately captures the life, struggles and views of a designer or design student. This series has titled ‘A useful Diagram’, the website options easy, painfully honest diagrams concerning portfolios, hoarding fonts, specialisation and social life that most designers can likely be able to relate to.

We have hosted blow some diagrams to amaze you or you can visit the website to look at these brutally honest diagrams. do you agree with them?

We hope our previous articles will amaze you

Designer’s Life Diagram
— figure two —
In which we understand art school.
Designer’s Life Diagram
— figure three —
In which we consider the results of hoarding.
Designer’s Life Diagram poster
— figure four —
In which we consider the distraction of argument.
Designer’s Life Diagram funny
— figure five —
In which we consider our relationship to technology.
Designer’s Life Diagram humor
— figure six —
In which we lament our font collection.
Designer’s Life Diagram
— figure seven —
In which we consider how we spend our time.
Designer’s Life Diagram
— figure eight —
In which we understand our scope of knowledge.
Designer’s Life Diagram
— figure nine —
In which we beat a dead horse.
Designer’s Life Diagram funny
— figure ten —
In which we get inspired.
Designer’s Life Diagram
— figure eleven —
In which we attend art school.
Designer’s Life Diagram fun
— figure twelve —
In which we lament our digital instability.
Designer’s Life Diagram laugh
— figure fourteen —
In which we contextualize ourselves.
Designer’s Life Diagram problems
— figure eighteen —
In which we consider the role of sports in design.
Designer’s Life Diagram humor
— figure twenty-two —
In which we consider finals week.
Designer’s Life Diagram humours
— figure twenty-three —
In which we consider logo redesigns.

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