Funny But True: 10 Steps To Becoming The Better Graphic Designer

Becoming The Better Graphic Designer

Practice makes a man perfect, and its true to become the perfect in graphic design or whatever field you belong isn’t an overnight process; to become the better graphic designer is also a process, It’s not something that happens overnight, You should try to improve your design skills and your goal should be to become a better graphic designer everyday.

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It doesn’t matter how good you are today. What really matters is how fast you progress and what steps you take every day to improve your design skills.

May it looks funny but it’s true and all about Karma

How to be the Best Graphic Designer

1. Design.

2. Design more.

3. Design even more.

4. Design even more than that.

5. Design when you don’t want to.

6. Design when you do.

7. Design when you have imagined

8. Design when you don’t.

9. Design every day.

Yeah, it’s just another way of saying that learning is a process and practice makes perfect.

You won’t become the better graphic designer overnight. Like every other field It takes much effort, dedication and time.

10. Keep designing.

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Becoming The Better Graphic Designer

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