• George Redhawk Animated GIFs
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    Incredible Haunting GIFs Created By A Blind Artist George Redhawk

    A American creative artist George Redhawk has put along a series of incredibly animated GIFs, which is perfectly looped & looks stunning haunting. Even more unimaginable is that Redhawk is legally blind You won’t believe but its true. George Redhawk biography says. “George Redhawk creates Gifs the use of visual aides and computer softwares that aide the visually impaired, Redhawk began to explore the realm of photo manipulation work with a need to show to the world as he see...

  • famous actor's careers-animated-gifs
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    10+ GIFs Animation That Summing Up Famous Actors Careers

    Digital artist Prasad Bhat is additionally a movie buff – for a moment currently he’s been paying tribute to celebrity actors and the roles they play, by putt their whole careers into these couple-seconds-long animated GIFs. For his project “The Evolution”, Prasad uses his drawing skills and Adobe illustrator to make a series of fast GIFs, that show actors in their most known famous roles. Leonardo DiCaprio, Johnny Depp, Tom Hanks and the rest of these Hollywood Supernovas are already...

  • 3D-Gifs-7.gif
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    Eye-Popping 3D GIFs That Jump Off Your Screen Without 3D Glasses

    Stand back, because these GIFs really pop. Using a simple optical illusion, some clever artists have made your everyday GIFs look 3D — except better, because you don’t need goofy eyewear to enjoy them. Here’s how it works: By placing vertical white lines on the image, it establishes a marker for the foreground of the image. Basically, you are tricking your brain into thinking that the lines are closer to you than the image itself, so when an object crosses...

  • animated gif images
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    55+ Animated Gif Images Free to Download for Inspiration

    Animated Gif Images: In this post, we have showcased a large collection of animated Gif images for your inspiration. These animated gifs are not regular Gifs as we see on other websites. These Gifs are made on modern photography and in these Gif images only some particular objects are moving and the whole scene is still photograph. Let me tell you a brief about what’s the secret behind this type of photography. Like other photography, it’s the same photography but...

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