Google Chrome vs. RAM

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We all struggle with Google Chrome’s high RAM usage and We all knows upgrading RAM is “much more difficult in laptops”.

RAM Eating Web Browser Google Chrome
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Chrome may be the best browser around, but it eats up your Computer’ RAM more and more as time passes. If you have ever looked at your task manager, you have probably flipped out at the sheer number of Chrome processes and the memory they hog. We will post an article soon “how to fix high RAM usage of Google Chrome.”.


Here is some funny images/gifs how Chrome and RAM fight each other.

im-not-gonna-kill-you-im-gonna-hurt-you-really-bad-chrome-ram-memory RAM-Chrome-parents How Chrome sees RAM memory Google Chrome Eating RAM- Magnate Google Chrome Eating RAM
Google Chrome Eating RAM- Animation
Google Chrome Eating RAM Animation-2


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Google Chrome vs. RAM