• Worst Criticism by Design Managers
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    F**kilarious Bullshit:15+ Worst Criticism by Design Managers

    Worst Criticism by Design Managers: Every designer has different work style. They have varied skills, and abilities and different perspective. There are different types of designers. But sometimes designer and his manager are often not on good terms. They have this cold war between them which looks like going on forever. Criticism by design manager is always unique and funny. A designer expects the manager to pat his back after every job and congratulate him on performing well, but it rarely happens....

  • Client from Hell Design Humor 8 Ways to Get Shitty Clients
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    Design Humor: 8 Ways to Get Shitty Clients (Client from Hell)

    Design Humor: 8 Ways to Get Shitty Clients: Designers are everywhere. Nobody wants to do freelance with the shitty clients. But if you really want this post is for you. When you looking for shitty clients, directory portal Craigslist/OLX is a great place where you can start. We all knows when no one is paying for your time, nobody cares if your time is properly used. So Say No to Free Designs, Now get back to this post, doing work for family members...

  • Graphic Designer Logic
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    10 Graphic Designer Logic That They Can Relate to

    What is logic to you may not be the same to others? I see that the majority of my graphic designer buddies are too much in this so-called Helvetica font. We are fine with that, but does it get any worse than that? .Obviously, I’ve seen a few of them judging every menu design we found like really, dude? Those are a number of 10 logical graphic designers may relate to they’re arguably correct. 10 Logic Graphic Designers Can Relate...

  • A Day in The Life of a Designer
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    A Day in the Life of a Designer – 24 Hrs With a Designer/Author/Creative Director

    A Day in The Life of a Designer: What does a day in the life of a designer look like? The Futur a youtube channel has captured and released a video that takes you through full day/24 hours in the life of creative director/designer/author Matthew Encina. Matthew Encina currently working as creative director at Blind (Brand Strategy Design Consultancy) and an author at The Futur. See his morning rituals, the tools he uses to stay organized, and how he manages the team of...

  • Becoming The Better Graphic Designer
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    Funny But True: 10 Steps To Becoming The Better Graphic Designer

    Practice makes a man perfect, and its true to become the perfect in graphic design or whatever field you belong isn’t an overnight process; to become the better graphic designer is also a process, It’s not something that happens overnight, You should try to improve your design skills and your goal should be to become a better graphic designer everyday. Don’t Miss: 10 Posters Will Inspire You to Become a Better Designer 5 Links That Can Make Every Graphic Designer’s...

  • Why-creative-people-are-different-from-others
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    25 Things, Why Creative People Are Different From Others

    Why Creative People Are Different:  There is no argument anymore that creative people are very different from others. What makes creative people different from the rest of us? Neuroscience confirms that creative people think and act differently than the average person. Their brains are literally hardwired in a unique way. Also, read 21 Ways to Unlock Your Creativity If you love a highly creative person, you probably experience moments when it seems like they live in a completely different world than...

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