• This Comic Strip Shows How Clients Ruin Web Design Project
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    Hilarious Comic Strips – How Clients Ruin Web Design Project.

    A client and a designer’s relationship is a mixed one with a little sweet and a lot of sour and irritating memories. All designers, some or the other time, witness some moments which become memories; good or bad, with their clients. These hilarious comic strips depict similar incidents which show a funny designer and client relationship. These funny comic strips will surely remind you of a similar situation that you might have encountered with your client. Even though these situations are funny, they...

  • 25-Reasons-to-Pay-For-Professional-Designer
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    25 Reasons to Pay For Professional Designer

    Reasons to Pay For Professional Designer: Either you are employee or freelancer designer sometimes you have to face a couple of funny moments in the career. This post is for design clients, who think good designers aren’t worth their price, We’ve hosted here 25 images that might change your mind. Client or a company pay millions of dollars a year to get the perfect ad and its placements… There is no such thing as bad publicity right? Well, these horrible...

  • Happy birthday google 2018
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    Google Birthday 2018 : Whenever I needed you, you were there google

    Google Birthday Special On 20th birhtday Whenever I needed you, you were there. When I needed design resources, you were there. When I wanted to check if my internet is working, you were there When I was lost in a new city, you were there. When i needed to understand client briefs and translate it in our language, you were there. When I wanted to cheer my mood up, you were there. When I wanted to argue with client and redesign...

  • These-Hilarious-Client-Stories-Will-Make-You-Cry-With-Laughter
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    These Hilarious Client Stories Will Make You Cry With Laughter

    Sometimes clients can be a real nightmare, As freelancer or working designer, you are probably struggling everyday against the obtuseness of some clients.  I didn’t sign up for that when I decided to be a designer/freelancer. But I guess it comes with the job. In real-time, clients can make me cry. In retrospect – they make me cry with laughter. Don’t miss: Designer Illustrates Horrible Clients And Their Ridiculous Requests For Free Work How Designers Should Treat with Clients 5...

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    Two Types of Design Clients in The World

    All of full time designer/freelance designers deal with clients day in and day out. Here’s a series of creatives that defines the two types of clients we come across on a regular basis. There are two types of design clients in the world, Ones who listen to you (those who really want your expertise in more than just code/design) and the ones who don’t. The only thing worse than that is hearing a client say “I’ll know it when I see it”....

  • Graphic Designer Logic
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    10 Graphic Designer Logic That They Can Relate to

    What is logic to you may not be the same to others? I see that the majority of my graphic designer buddies are too much in this so-called Helvetica font. We are fine with that, but does it get any worse than that? .Obviously, I’ve seen a few of them judging every menu design we found like really, dude? Those are a number of 10 logical graphic designers may relate to they’re arguably correct. 10 Logic Graphic Designers Can Relate...

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