• Client Vs Designer: The Life of a Frustrated Designer
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    Client Vs Designer: The Life of a Frustrated Designer

    This story is about the life of a frustrated designer, a designer who is stuck amidst the bitter realities of a designer’s life. The pros and cons of being in this industry deeply affect a designer. Irrespective of his skills, he has to some day or the other, face similar situations that are shown in this video below. As a result of this, he becomes a ‘frustrated designer’. I’m sure you must have seen Tom and Jerry! A client and...

  • Graphic Designer Logic
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    10 Graphic Designer Logic That They Can Relate to

    What is logic to you may not be the same to others? I see that the majority of my graphic designer buddies are too much in this so-called Helvetica font. We are fine with that, but does it get any worse than that? .Obviously, I’ve seen a few of them judging every menu design we found like really, dude? Those are a number of 10 logical graphic designers may relate to they’re arguably correct. 10 Logic Graphic Designers Can Relate...

  • Designer’s Life:15 Witty and Genuine Door Tags for all Designers
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    Designer’s Life:15 Witty and Genuine Door Tags for all Designers

    Designer’s Life: Have you ever been into that moment when the idea was just striking you and an interruption ruined it all?? Door Tags are your only saviors in that case. Some people really need to learn this. One ought to knock the door before entering into someone’s room. And especially when a designer is at work! When you suddenly enter a Designer’s zone, it might screw up everything. The last-minute touch-up, the proofreading, or that unwanted little creature at...

  • K**msutra positions of a designer
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    20+ Desirous K**m-Sutra Positions of a Designer

    Yes, you read it right Frogs! This post is about the most exciting and desirous K**m-Sutra positions of a designer, while he is at work. What?? Did I just mention K**m-Sutra and work together?? We have seen that There are two basic kinds of designers, the super cool mob, and the geek gang. The geek gang… well, nothing much to talk about them. But, the super cool designers are the ones who enjoy every bit of their work. Moreover, they...

  • There Are Two Kinds of Designers
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    Type of Designers – Two Types of Designers in This World: Which one are you?

    Designers come in different sizes, shape, and preferences 😂 😂 Yes, I’m about to tell you about the different types of designers. Well, all the designers are different and they also come in different packaging, tastes, and flavors. Lol 😂 😂 !! Did I just say size, taste, and flavor?? Well, understand the feelings friends☺!! I’m talking about their work preferences and differences in the way they work. All designers have different qualifications, different experiences, different choices, and so their way of...

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