• What-Type-of-Designer-Sense-You-Have
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    What Type of Designer Sense You Have?

    Mostly designers are creative in their own ways, In this post we are talking abount designer’s sense. We all knows that the designer is the person who will not share their inspirations easily but they tend to share some attributes. Sometimes, they get similar design sense and habits despite being associated with a very different creative profession. Each Designers have different personalities and different ways of working. Which kind of design sense you have? Think design has come up with an infographic...

  • 30DayChallenge-Become-a-good-Designer
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    30 Challenges to Become a Better Designer in 30 Days

    Where you’re at in your design career it doesn’t matter, But we all knows that to become a good designer than you’ll have to boost your memory and improve your constantly practicing and expanding his or her skills so that your design works will stay fresh & more relevant. Creative Market has added a 30 days of challenge for designers to improve their skills and to be better at own design work. Designer’s should take it as daily exercise / tasks include, by turning your handwriting into a handwriting...

  • Being-a-Designer-You-May-Face-9-Tough-Decisions-Every-Day
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    Being a Designer You May Face 9 Tough Decisions Every Day

    Being a designer can sometimes be a hard gig. Our days are filled with difficult decisions that can agitate our perfectionist minds. You’d think making these types of creative and productive choices should get easier over time, but even though we face these issues most days, making tough designer decisions is, and always will be, a daily occurrence. 9 Tough Decisions Designers Face Every Day   1. COFFEE   2. TYPE ANATOMY   3. COLOR   4. TYPEFACES   5....

  • How Much Salary Does a Graphic Designer in India Get?
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    Graphic Designer Salaries in India, How Much Graphic Designer Earn?

    Graphic design salary in India: So you are a graphic designer, right? Maybe you are fresher out of school/college and looking for a job or job change to fullfil fill your dreams of designing, that admire your artistic voice and stylistic choice. Maybe you’ve worked 10 years as a full-time designer under your belt, but it’s time for a change in the scenario. Regardless of your situation, all designers should start to think ahead and of course it’s not a bad idea. Have you ever...

  • Freelancer VS Full-Time Designer
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    Freelancer VS Full-Time Designer – Which is Better?

    Do you prefer being a full-time designer or working as a freelancer? Is one a better choice htan the otjer? Which is right for you? To be honest, there’s no correct answer however there are certainly perks & pitfalls of each. In this post we have added few important yays and nays of being a freelancer VS a full-timer and illustrated by Caisa Nilaseca. Freelancer VS Full-Time Designer – Which is Better? Source : DesignTaxi

  • What-not-to-a-Graphic-Designer
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    What Not to Say to a Graphic Designer

    We all designers love their jobs, whether you work with a creative director at a design agency or you’re freelance designer (working from home). As we involved with quite a few clients over the course of numerous projects. However, this also means that We’ve people make comments and requests that have been everything from eyebrow-raising to annoying to altogether infuriating. Then again, no matter what industry you are working in, there are certain things you’ll hear over and over that will...

  • 10-Side-Effects-of-Becoming-a-Designer
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    10 Side Effects of Becoming a Designer

    Graphic designers are always having a smirk smile on their faces just because they are keen observers, When you become a designer, you would possibly notice that the way you think, act, and even the way other people interact with you, begins to change. New things that you have ne’er even noticed or thought of before start to bug you, and things that wont to be easy now take longer time because you’ve got to get them perfect. Today, we have...

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