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    20 Realistic Oil Paintings Images by Fabiano Millani

    Breathtaking work from exceptionally talented Artist fabiano millani from Brazil. In this post we have added his some completed works such as ‘Realistic oil painting on canvas’. Please give us your opinion. By Fabino Millani List of Realistic Oil Paintings on Canvas for Inspiration 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. Oil Painting of Angelina Jolie Hyper Realistic drawing – Angelina Jolie  18. 19. Watch Work-Flow of Realistic Oil Paintings on Canvas 20. We...

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    Beautiful Conceptual Digital Illustrations by Benjamin Walfridson

    Benjamin Walfridson is a creative artist and illustrator from Stockholm, Sweden. He creates beautiful digital illustrations. Most of his work revolves around human portraits and illustrations. The theme of the illustrations shown below is fantasy. The attention to detail and clarity in this series is worth a look. Please give us your opinion.  Source : Benjamin Walfridson [divider]This post is part of our Daily Inspiration Series of posts showing the most Inspired Graphics collection. If you want to share your Inspired Graphics, please...

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    Study of Anatomical Structure Drawings – by Veri Apriyatno

    Veri Apriyatno is an artist from Jakarta, Indonesia. Born on April 12, 1973. get a bachelor’s degree in 1998 at the Bandung Institute of Technology, Department of Fine Art, Painting studio. Since 2003 until now has many solo and group exhibitions. Until now Veri has publish six books about drawing work (how to Draw). In this post we have added study of anatomical structure drawings – by Veri Apriyatno. We hope this anatomical structure drawings will really amazed. So let’s seem below and feel...

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    Deformation and Abstraction Work by Can Pekdemir

    Can Pekdemir from Istanbul, Turkey  is working on deformation and abstraction of body forms using various methodologies. To see more of his work head over to his Behance.                           [divider]This post is part of our Daily Inspiration Series of posts showing the most Inspired Graphics collection. If you want to share your Inspired Graphics, please send us via Email. Don’t forget to Subscribe with us to receive Daily Graphics Inspiration on your emails. Read our Disclaimer : cgfrog/disclaimer/[divider]...

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