• Digital Fantasy Painting By Artist Steve De La Mare
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    Digital Fantasy Painting By Artist Steve De La Mare

    De La Mare combined his Theatre and Art together by exchanging a comfortable chair for scaffolding. Moving to England via France in the search for bigger walls to paint and areas to design, he has been very fortunate to find some rather impressive ones. Specialising in amusement parks and themed public areas; his quirky, often satirical work can be seen in England at: Alton Towers Hotel and Theme Park, Chessington World of Adventures, Thorpe Park, The New Butlins’-Bogner, Skegness and...

  • best vibrant knife Paintings by Francoise Nielly
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    Vibrant and Colorful Knife Paintings by Francoise Nielly

    Françoise Nielly is a French based knife-painting artist who is legendary to create painting more vibrant and colourful closeup portraits of individuals persons like Barack Obama. She was born in Marseille, brought up near cannes and Saint-Tropez and she is living in Paris currently. Françoise Nielly simply needs oil and a palette knife to create paintings. Paint is scraped onto the canvas with aggressive strokes to make extraordinarily powerful masterpieces. You can also purchase her painting from online store. check...

  • The-persistence-of-memory-Paintings
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    Famous & Conceptual Paintings of Salvador Dali

    Spanish artist Salvador Dalí (1904 – 1989) was a groundbreaking icon of the artist movement and one of the best artists of the twentieth century. His work probed the unconscious world of thoughts, dreams and perception in fanciful and nightmarish pictures influenced by freud, Cubism, Futurism and metaphysical art. very creative, he also sculpted, and contributed to fashion, photography and theater. Dalí’s art has been known as the epitome of surrealism. During the 1920’s Salvador Dali visited the Capital of...

  • 20+Truly-Inspired-Watercolor-Paintings
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    20+ Truly Inspired Watercolor Paintings

    As Everybody knows watercolor paintings isn’t a simple task, however what this group which has achieved is really stunning. Geliografic Studio is where you will see famous professional, illustrator and graphic design artists who show in front of you typical creative works. This team’s combined the power of creativity and imagination skill were ready to turn out some fantastic watercolor paintings, that actually mind-blowing. The emotion of paintings are fantastically captured and they speak their own stories. When you look...

  • Best Surreal Digital Paintings by Tenia
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    Best Surreal Digital Paintings by Tenia

    Best Surreal Digital Paintings: Gianluca Gambino aka Tenia is an autodidact graphic designer and artist from Italy. Using mainly Adobe Photoshop and a Graphic Tablet, Gianluca Gambino creates beautifully bizarre artworks with an amazing amount of detail. Take a look at this selection of trippy pieces! Best Surreal Digital Paintings by Tenia 1. Alice Digital Paintings by Tenia 2. Anima Digital Paintings by Tenia 3. Ceci n’est pas un Magritte 4. Chant a La Lune 5. Conscience Digital Paintings by...

  • traditional-watercolor-portraits-joanna-wedrychowska
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    Traditional watercolor portraits by Joanna Wedrychowska

    A Poland based talented traditional artist Joanna Wedrychowska is specialized in beautiful water-color portrait illustrations. We’ve added some amazing pieces selected from her portfolio and hope this collection will really amazed. So let’s seem below and feel free to share it with on social networks. Enjoy… and get inspired! Other posts will amaze you : Hyper Realistic Oil Paintings by Christiane Vleugels Amazing digital illustrations by Isabel Westling Traditional watercolor portraits by Joanna Wedrychowska More : pinterest | deviantart

  • Hyper Realistic Oil Paintings by Christiane Vleugels
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    Hyper Realistic Oil Paintings by Christiane Vleugels

    Realistic Oil Paintings : Christiane Vleugels is a talented Traditional Oil Painting Artist from Belgium. Her giant Hyper realistic paintings seem to tell a story and invite you in for the experience. Christiane‘s interest in art began at a very young age and by the age of 12. She studied in academy of Fine Arts and learned drawing and sculpting at SISA and the Royal Academy of Antwerp. We have collected some ultra realistic oil painting work of Christiane Vleugels...

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