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    In Focus – Artist Trina Merry Creates a Temple Out of Bodies & Paint

    Look closely, this is actually a temple made out of seventeen people Artist Trina Merry, 34, from New York, NY created a living temple out of seventeen naked circus performers and dancers to raise awareness for “Beyond the Four Walls”. At first glance, this photo appears to be a temple with a rippled reflection in the water. But in fact its seventeen people cleverly painted to resemble a temple. This innovative work of art was created by Trina Merry, known...

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    20 Incredible Pencil Sculptures Masterpieces

    In this post we have added incredibly creative pencil sculpture which is collected from worldwide for your inspiration. Please give us your opinion. Source : Daltonm Ghetti, Federico Uribe, Jennifer Maestre Source : Jennifer Maestre Dalton Ghetti carefully created these superb pencil sculptures. These miniature masterpieces are a faceted project for the expert chippie, who has been perfecting this art for the final 25 years. Dalton uses a razor blade, stitching needle, a sculpting knife, a consistent hand and lots of staying power to meticulously carve the...

  • Bizarre-Human-Sculptures-by-Gerardo-Feldstein-Cgfrog
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    Bizarre Human Sculptures by Gerardo Feldstein

    Argentinian artist Gerardo Feldstein creates wacky works of art by exaggerating human features in his realistic sculptures. “The bodies have enormous hands, arms or feet, though it seems like their tiny heads aren’t able to tell them how to move their tremendous extremities. His wire sculptures literally extend their scope and get out of line. What unifies all his works is a common sense of humor and a certain astonishment that we all share on our journey through life.”      ...

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    3D Textile Styled Creatures by Jeremy Kool

    In this post we have added incredible collection of textile creatures was created for a print and online campaign by uses of paper. view portfolio. [divider]This post is part of our Daily Inspiration Series of posts showing the most Inspired Graphics collection. If you want to share your Inspired Graphics, please send us via Email. Don’t forget to Subscribe with us to receive Daily Graphics Inspiration on your emails. Read our Disclaimer : cgfrog/disclaimer/[divider]   We are always interested in hearing your thoughts. Please give us your opinion. Your feedback/comments is valuable to us and will help us improve your online...

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    Beautiful Sculptures Made from Cut up Postcards

    David Mach who was Born in Methil, Fife (Scotland) is a Scottish sculptor and installation artist. Mach’s artistic style is based on flowing assemblages of mass-produced found art objects. Typically these include magazines,vicious teddy bears, newspapers, car tyre, match sticks and coat hangers. Many of his installations are temporary and constructed in public spaces. See his portfolio on official website … and Please give us your opinion.  Source : www.davidmach.com [divider]This post is part of our Daily Inspiration Series of posts showing the most Inspired Graphics collection. If you want to...

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    Massive Optical Illusion Made of Recycled Objects

    You may think you’re looking at a bizarre painting, but look closer, and you’ll realize that it’s actually an anamorphic 3D sculpture. The massive portrait of Malian actor Sotigui Kouyaté is the latest work of French artist Bernard Pras. It was created entirely out of recycled materials such as clothes and rags, wood, glass lanterns, dishes, rubber and other trash Bernard would gather from the installation site. The way it generally applies to anamorphic art, Bernard’s work can only be seen from a...

  • Shadow-Sculptures-by-Tim-Noble-and-Sue-Webster
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    Shadow Sculptures by Tim Noble and Sue Webster

    Shadow Scluptures: Creating scluptures from shadow is not a easy task they need more technique and proper light calculations, We have added some unique shadow art created by British based artists Tim Noble and Sue Webster light projected through piles of garbage and random objects creates perfect shadows of humans and different animals. Hope you will like it and share with your friends. Best Shadow Sculptures by Tim Noble and Sue Webster In this video How Tim Noble and Sue Webster has...

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