• Inspiring Minimal Logo Designs for your inspiration
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    Inspiring Minimal Logo Designs

    The Power of simplicity Minimalism is being used in almost every art forms and the concept of minimalism has been quite around for centuries but it became a specific art form in 20th century. Simply minimalism is defined as eliminating all unessential elements in order to allow fundamental features. Minimalism has affected many artists for years and since the birth of world wide web it’s been also quite popular among graphic designers.In graphic design,minimalism is to bring the content or...

  • Clean and Smooth Animations of Hand-Lettered Logos
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    Inspiring Examples: Clean and Smooth Animations of Hand-Lettered Logos

    Clean and Smooth Animations of Hand-Lettered Logos: Calligraphy magician artists Starov Evgeniy (Lettering artist) and Dubnichenko Alexey (Motion Designer) from Russian has come up with a logo animation series of commercial lettering works made during last half year. Designers use Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and After Effects to create this magical and smooth result animation.  Each of this works has its own style and own animation details. Through this post, we glad to showing you clean and smooth animations of hand-lettered logos...

  • 30 Surprising Ambigram Logo Design Examples
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    30 Surprising Ambigram Logo Design Examples

    Ambigram Logo Design: In order to make a logo stand out from the crowd, a designer has to make a creative approach to its creation. One technique employed in logo designs is the use of ambigrams. An ambigram is a typographical design that can be read as one or more words when turned, mirrored or displayed from various points of direction, they play with optical illusions, symmetry, and visual perception. Some ambigrams feature a relationship between their form and their...

  • Logo Design Principles
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    Religiously We Should Follow These 7 Logo Design Principles

    Logo Design Principles: If you think Logo designing is just like eating a piece of cake? A logo design should able to convey the business message across to the intended audience. These easy 7 Logo Design Principles which all logo designer should follow it religiously will help to create an effective and impactful logo design. Keep in mind Logo design is timeless, memorable, creative, unique, simple. We should know the things in mind before design a Logo. Check 10 Things...

  • Creative Rabbit Logo Design Examples for Your Inspiration
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    25+ Creative Rabbit Logo Design Examples for Your Inspiration

    These creative rabbit logo design examples are super cool and very inspiring; good for someone who is looking for ideas to create a rabbit logo design. A logo is basically a design which represents any organization. A logo is always unique and should leave a lasting impression on the audiences. In addition, logos should represent the kind of work the organization does. So, it is important to know the principles of designing a logo before you design one. Customers recognize the business and brands with logos. Ask...

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