• 16 Awesome Typographic Animations of Different Words by Mindaugas Dudenas
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    16 Awesome Typographic Animations of Different Words by Mindaugas Dudenas

    This awesome typographic animations series named ‘Type in Motion’ has created by a Vilnius, Lithuania based a freelance graphic designer Mindaugas Dudenas. Mindaugas Dudenas visualizes the meanings of different words using typographic animation. Mindaugas Dudenas used Adobe Photoshop, After Effects, Illustrator, and Maxon Cinema 4D to create these graphics and animations. Check out the complete series below. 1. Typographic Animation ‘Time’ 2. Typographic Animation ‘Cry’ 3. Typographic Animation ‘Fitness’ 4. Typographic Animation ‘Chess’ 5. Typographic Animation ‘Smile’ 6. Typographic Animation...

  • Best and Most Creative Lion Logo Design Examples
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    25+ Best Creative Lion Logo Design Inspiration with Examples

    This post is about the most creative and inspiring lion logo design. A designer can take a look at these and get inspiration for creating beautiful logo designs. Lions often symbolize strength and pride. Lion is the ‘King of Jungle’, representing the highest position in the food chain. Lion is an animal whose picture is most widely used in different forms in the worldwide. It can mark a great logo as it is widely recognized around the world. In human...

  • Creative Rabbit Logo Design Examples for Your Inspiration
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    25+ Creative Rabbit Logo Design Examples for Your Inspiration

    These creative rabbit logo design examples are super cool and very inspiring; good for someone who is looking for ideas to create a rabbit logo design. A logo is basically a design which represents any organization. A logo is always unique and should leave a lasting impression on the audiences. In addition, logos should represent the kind of work the organization does. So, it is important to know the principles of designing a logo before you design one. Customers recognize the business and brands with logos. Ask...

  • Best Modern Logo Inspiration of Common English Verbs
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    Best Modern Logo Inspiration: 25 Clever Logos Of Common English Verbs

    Best modern logo inspiration created from common English verbs: A Madrid, Spain based creative designer Lucas Gil-Turner has come with a series of the modern logos for the 25 most commonly used everyday verbs from the Oxford English Dictionary. Lucas Gil-Turner has cleverly created illustrative and representative logos, in black and white color, for each verb. which tries to clearly transmit the meaning of the chosen words. Also Read: Simple Minimal Animal Logo Designs and Their Design Process Best Eye Logo Design for Your...

  • Clean and Smooth Animations of Hand-Lettered Logos
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    Inspiring Examples: Clean and Smooth Animations of Hand-Lettered Logos

    Clean and Smooth Animations of Hand-Lettered Logos: Calligraphy magician artists Starov Evgeniy (Lettering artist) and Dubnichenko Alexey (Motion Designer) from Russian has come up with a logo animation series of commercial lettering works made during last half year. Designers use Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and After Effects to create this magical and smooth result animation.  Each of this works has its own style and own animation details. Through this post, we glad to showing you clean and smooth animations of hand-lettered logos...

  • Clean-Minimalist-Animal-Logos-and-Their-Design-Process
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    Clean Minimalist Animal Logos and Their Design Process

    As a designer it’s always curious and interesting to take a look of creative design process of a designer. A South Korea, based graphic designer Jahng Hyoung Joon has come up with a series of minimalist animal pictograms and two short time-lapse videos that show his design process. These two videos demonstrate how simple icons of a fox and a horse are made. Check it blow. 1. FOX Workflow (Design Process): 2. HORSE Workflow (Design Process): 3. BEAR 4. BULL 5....

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