Illustrator to Photoshop: As we all designers know that pixels play a big role in the images, which allow us to view an image clearly.

I’ve always had trouble getting large groups of shapes from Illustrator over to Photoshop without rasterizing them all in the process. You can copy from Illustrator, then Paste in Photoshop as a shape layer. But you’ll have to do that for each and every path of your Illustrator file – a process which soon becomes tedious.

Here’s a simple three step method on how to convert Illustrator to Photoshop file with using Adobe Fireworks.

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Illustrator to Photoshop


Once you are ready to convert an Illustrator file into fully editable PSD ensure that all strokes are outlined.

  • Click the object
  • Select the path
  • Click outline stroke

Do not worry about how the text will remain editable in all formats, Now open your Illustrator file in Adobe Fireworks a  dialogue box will appear with the tile of ‘Vector file option’. Make sure that the scale is selected as 100. There you will see an option for ‘anti-alias’, select ‘smooth’ and click ok:

Illustrator to Photoshop convert

Make sure that all your settings match the picture above, and click OK.


Now that you have a file open in Fireworks, you can convert it to Photoshop (PSD).

  • Click on file
  • Click on Save as
  • Select Photoshop format .psd

Now click on options. You will see the box with ‘Photoshop export options’. Select ‘Maintain Edibility over Appearance’ from the dropdown list.

Step 2.1 Illustrator to photoshop

Click OK followed by Save and then select where you want to save your file.

Step 2.2 Illustrator to photoshop


The final step is check your file, Now open you recently saved file in Photoshop.

Step 3 Illustrator to Photoshop

Congratulations! You have successfully converted your file from Illustrator to Photoshop which is fully editable PSD in seconds without the pixels getting rastered.

Hope these simple steps will help you. Do you have an alternative trick up you sleeve? What other tips would you share for working with Illustrator and Photoshop? Let us know in the comments.

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