What Not to Say to a Graphic Designer

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We all designers love their jobs, whether you work with a creative director at a design agency or you’re freelance designer (working from home). As we involved with quite a few clients over the course of numerous projects.

However, this also means that We’ve people make comments and requests that have been everything from eyebrow-raising to annoying to altogether infuriating. Then again, no matter what industry you are working in, there are certain things you’ll hear over and over that will make you want to punch a wall. You’re bound to come into contact with some pretty frustrating clients.

So We thought we should share some of the most frustrating remarks.* Whilst there’s no easy way to escape clients from hell, you can use their ridiculous requests for your own inspiration.

What Not to Say to a Graphic Designer

What Not to Say to a Graphic Designer

Please note : These posters are created for entertainment purpose only. After all, laughter is the best medicine! There’s certainly no offence to anyone. We absolutely love our clients!



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  1. My last conversation about a book cover for my client :
    – Could you make it all in red with big fonts which are in yellow ? That’d be lovely and attractive ..
    ” At this point i was like ” You son of a b** have you ever heard of minimalism ! ‘


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