Now Draw Anything Using Free Google’s Fast Auto Draw Tool

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Auto Draw Tool: Google on Wednesday 12th, 2017 has launched a new auto draw tool for everyone that uses machine learning to help users who love to draw sketch, draw perfect doodle, line drawings, icons, diagrams, and having fond of painting. You can use this tool on a smartphone, tablet or a computer system. You can download images as well on your smartphone, tablet or computer system also.

Drawing on your smartphone, tablet or computer can be slow and difficult. So Google had comes with great tool named AutoDraw, a new web-based tool that pairs machine learning with drawings created by talented artists to help you draw.

If you want to create doodle, birthday card or want to make your sketch painting online? This tool is for you. As we know google also launched his material design tools few day before.

Sundar pichai auto draw tool tweet
Google CEO Sundar Pichai on Wednesday 12th, has tweeted the launch of a new free fast auto draw tool.
Even I can finally draw! fun tool to play with – used to ask my mom to draw pics for my hw at school as could not draw to save my life:) – Sundarpichai (@sundarpichai) April 12, 2017

Google’s Fast Auto Draw Tool:

Google auto draw tool gif

This new AutoDraw tool, uses machine learning to predict drawings of users. The new tool can be accessed on the browser of a smartphone, tablet or computer.

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