17 Habits of a Bad Graphic Designer View Full Post

17 Habits of a Bad Graphic Designer

Yes, We’re talking about a bad graphic designer and their bad design techniques. But we’re not here to criticize anybody or to find faults. Our sole aim of compiling this list of habits of a bad graphic designer is...

Clients Want the Solution, Not the Service From Designers! How to Get More Clients? View Full Post

Clients Want Solution, Not Service From Designers! (How to Get More Clients?)

Great ! You’re here already. Yes, the title is very catchy, but that’s not all that I want to talk about. I’m going to give tips on how to get more clients today. Have you ever wondered how so...

Inspirational Quotes about Design and Creativity View Full Post

20 Inspirational Quotes About Design and Creativity From Creative Legends

Quotes About Design and Creativity: Creativity and designing are a part and parcel of each one of our lives. We are all surrounded by creativity and designing in some form or the other.  Creativity prevails in our homes, in...

Should designer work for free View Full Post

Should designer work for free? See what happens if a designer asks you for free stuff!

Work for free..!! Ohh really ?! We at CGfrog absolutely do not support this work for free thing. For an artist or a designer, it is really hard to be at it and only a fellow designer would understand...

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Irritating Moments of Graphic Designers View Full Post

20+ Irritating Moments of Graphic Designers

Irritating Moments of Graphic Designers: Either you are a full-time designer or freelancer, Sometimes there’re certain things which make you irritate while you creating a project. In this post, we’ve listed a few irritating moments of graphic designers. My name...

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How to Make Your Blog Post Go Viral View Full Post

How to Make Your Blog Post Go Viral (21 Step-by-Step Guide)

How to Make Your Blog Post Go Viral (21 Step-by-Step Guide): We all knows that there is no magic involved to make your blog post to go viral. In fact: According to research, viral content tends to contain specific elements that push...

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A Day in The Life of a Designer View Full Post

A Day in the Life of a Designer – 24 Hrs With a Designer/Author/Creative Director

A Day in The Life of a Designer: What does a day in the life of a designer look like? The Futur a youtube channel has captured and released a video that takes you through full day/24 hours in the life...

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