How to Negotiate with Your Client For Better Prices

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“Everything is negotiable. Whether or not the negotiation is easy is another thing.”  It would be pretty frustrating! every time when we meet a client or ask...

Best Portrait Photo Retouching works by Regina Pagles

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Best Portrait Photo Retouching by Regina Pagles: A New York based Headshot photographer Regina Pagles and her husband both are having interest and passion in...

Graphic Designer – Expectation Vs Reality

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Expectations vs reality: The role that graphic designers and life of a graphic designer is not always pixel perfect. It is this constant process of...

100 Most Creative Logo Designs For Your Inspiration

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Achieving a well designed like neat, simple, handy, elegant, creative logo designs needs very hard work and being up so far with the most recent...

25+ Before-And-After Images Reveal The Power Of Makeup By Melissa Murphy

25+-Before-And-After-Images-Reveal-The-Power-Of-Makeup-By-Melissa-Murphy View Full Post

‘Every knows that the makeup is an art. It’s inside that actually matters.’ That’s the expression of Melissa murphy, an LA-based makeup creator who’s collected...

30 Surprising Ambigram Logo Design Examples

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Ambigram Logo Design: In order to make a logo stand out from the crowd, a designer has to make a creative approach to its creation....

Realistic Oil Paintings by Fabiano Millani

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Breathtaking work from exceptionally talented Artist fabiano millani from Brazil. In this post we have added his some completed works such as ‘Realistic oil painting on canvas’. ...

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