Choosing a partner is a big-BIG decision. Designer or non-designer, one should be super-careful while selecting their partner. Here I am with another interesting post on Reasons to date or marry a designer!

Do you remember our previous post on reasons to not marry or date a designer? Not one but we had two fantastic posts on the same. But cheer up designers, this post will definitely make you the most eligible bachelor to hook up in town.

Why should you date or marry a designer?

So, let us discover all the possible reasons to date or marry a designer-

  1. The designer will transform you into a Supermodel.
  2. You will see a sudden increase in your technical knowledge.
  3. You will become a critical analyst.
  4. Your designer partner will give you a personalized gift on our special days.
  5. You can surely get superb pictures clicked even at the worst locations.
  6. A designer partner will be more expressive as compared to others.
  7. You’ll soon become a pro like your designer partner.
  8. Your life will be as colorful as a color palette.
  9. Graphic designers have a great sense of dressing.
  10. Your new friends-list will include billboards.
  11. A graphic designer is an all-rounder.
  12. Your house will look cool and updated, just like the designer does.
  13. A designer partner has excellent communication skills.
  14. Howmuchever complicated a female be, the designer will be able to understand her like a pattern.
  15. Listening skills are superb as the designer is used to listening to lengthy client briefs.
  16. Furthermore, everything around you will look – just perfect.
  17. You will always have so many things in your collection which you might need anytime in the future.
  18. They will doodle on almost everything that they come across; even your jeans! You’ll get a cooler pair in no time…
  19. Designers are creative beings, and there is nothing in the world they can’t comment about.
  20. A designer can cook an Indo-Chinese-Spanish dish which you can gulp down with a drink with them.

We’re not done yet, guys…

Here are some more reasons to date or marry a designer…

  1. Designers are in a long-term relationship with their laptop, so they know more positions than the K*m*sutra.
  2. He’ll never let you get old, as he keeps everything that belongs to him- updated.
  3. You will own more gadgets than ever.
  4. His love for you will be in layers and will never fade.
  5. You wouldn’t need to hire any designer ever, be it a dress designer or an interior designer.
  6. You will not need to take any training in using Photoshop, your designer partner will teach you probably in no time.
  7. Your taste in designs will improve.
  8. He always has a solution to all your technology related issues. He’s so tech-savvy after all.
  9. Your designer partner is extraordinary.
  10. Your designer partner will never ignore anything. He’ll always be super cautious and careful.
  11. He has a super creative mind, due to which it will yield the best results always.
  12. Wedding cards and other invitation cards will be very interesting and unique.
  13. He has a great knowledge of colors, and so his suggestions would be good.
  14. You’ll have a personal professional photographer at your service 24*7.
  15. You’ll have a sense of satisfaction while spending time with your designer partner.
  16. Your designer partner would understand the importance of composition and so this would be fruitful for a long-term relationship.
  17. Renovation, Remodelling or recycling; you name it and you’ve got a designer partner to deal with it.
  18. You can party all the time with them as they will always find excuses to replace plain water with beer. Cheers!!
  19. They wouldn’t mind your green, purple or even blue hair color.
  20. A designer is good at planning surprises. So, be assured of having wonderful celebrations.
  21. They always dream of living in New York… Still, need explanation guys?!



So… if you come across a designer anytime soon, do consider! And get set guys… these 40+ reasons to date or marry a designer will definitely prove to be a silver lining in the dark clouds of a designer’s life as we already know that a designer’s life is mostly too lonely.

P.S.  This is a post intended for a laugh, therefore please do not take anything to heart!

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