Yes, we’re talking about your social media profile photo, People in modern world are obsessed with social media. They are also obsessed with photography. That is because everybody has a camera in his or her phone now. Therefore, why not making a picture? Next thing you know, there are thousands of millions of photographs on Instagram. A recent study showed that people tend to make conclusions about other people based on their profile pictures in social media. That is, of course, in case people are not related close enough. Read the following guide to know how to make a good impression on a first date with a girl by adjusting your profile picture just right.


People who go out on dates should think about organizing their social media profiles with care and attention. Think about quality. The picture you’re using should be taken with a good camera by a steady hand. A person you’re dating might not know you pretty well. Therefore, as if you were dating online, she monitors you on the net to get a better look at you. A girl doesn’t only look through the photos, of course, but try to get a hold of every bit of information she could. So, make a good picture. Consider asking a photographer to just make a few pictures of you. It won’t cost you much but it will certainly benefit you. Must read: 6 Secrets: How to Be More Photogenic as Like Celebrities.


Avoid using photos that might hurt your reputation or somehow present you in a bad light. Also, try maintaining the same look in your real life. For example, you should keep your profile picture updated, so the girl won’t be surprised by your beard or new haircut. Don’t post photos where you’re drunk or barely seen. People are suspicious about those individuals who prefer to stay discreet on the internet because such people seem to be paranoid. Must read : Best Tips: How To Take A Perfect Selfie.


Your social media profile picture is like a photo on a driver’s license or in your passport. It represents you. Therefore, you should look friendly, open, interesting, enthusiastic, etc. This way, people will approach you accordingly. All in all, now you know that a good social media profile picture can certainly benefit you. It helps making a better impression on a first date. According to statistics more than 70% of women reported to have checked and double-checked the profiles of their dating partners before going on a date with them. Keep that in mind next time you’re seeing a girl you have in your friend’s list. Now, proceed with making a beautiful photo to present yourself properly.

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