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English Version:15+ Worst Criticism by Design Managers

We had an Indian post on worst criticism by design managers already. This is the English version of the same post. Hope you all enjoy reading this as well. What is Criticism? Regardless of the kind of work you do,...

Worst Criticism by Design Managers View Full Post

Fuckilarious Bullshit:15+ Worst Criticism by Design Managers

Worst Criticism by Design Managers: Every designer has different work style. They have varied skills, and abilities and different perspective. There are different types of designers. But sometimes designer and his manager are often not on good terms. They have this...

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10 Types of Graphic Designers in the World, Which One Are You?

Types of Graphic Designers: Like all other artists, graphic designers have distinguished characteristics and interests which are also reflected in their designs. Since every person has varied skills and abilities, a different perspective; these differences exist. There are different...

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20+ Irritating Moments of Graphic Designers

Irritating Moments of Graphic Designers: Either you are a full-time designer or freelancer, Sometimes there’re certain things which make you irritate while you creating a project. In this post, we’ve listed a few irritating moments of graphic designers. My name...

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Worst Fonts Ever: 10 Fonts That Designers Love To Hate

Worst Fonts Ever: Whether you are Pro Graphic Designer or Average, which you need to create a PowerPoint presentation. Choosing right font can be difficult, We knows fonts play a great role in your design, so you should know...

When I Was a Kid, I Went to The Computer Just to Use MS Paint View Full Post

Yes, Now I am a Designer

I remember when I was a kid, I went to the computer just to use ms paint. That was the first step. Now I am a designer

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Emails From Horrible Clients That Designers “Love” to Read

Emails From Horrible Clients That Designers “Love” to Read: Do you ever dread by receiving new emails of your client? Mostly either designer or client they will never understand each other. Many clients fail to appreciate the skills of the...

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