• best graphic design resources
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    5 Links That Can Make Every Graphic Designer’s Life Easy

    So you are looking for the ultimate list of best graphic design resources online? Being a graphic designer takes a unique mix of creativity, skill, patience, excellent communication. You’ll always need to stock up on graphics, stock photography, and fonts as well as rely on other helpful tools to successfully get your work done. I’m working in designing field over 10 years and found some of the best links that I cannot work without. Don’t Miss: Know Your File Types: When...

  • 25-Reasons-to-Pay-For-Professional-Designer
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    25 Reasons to Pay For Professional Designer

    Reasons to Pay For Professional Designer: Either you are employee or freelancer designer sometimes you have to face a couple of funny moments in the career. This post is for design clients, who think good designers aren’t worth their price, We’ve hosted here 25 images that might change your mind. Client or a company pay millions of dollars a year to get the perfect ad and its placements… There is no such thing as bad publicity right? Well, these horrible...

  • Infographic : What Type of Designer Are You?
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    Infographic : What Type of Designer Are You?

    What Type of Designer Are You?: All designers know as they have different personalities. Each designer has a different way of working, and each of these personas has positive and negative traits. Which one are you? Or, are you a combination of multiple Design archetypes? We have also previously two-part series of Designers Vs Regular Peoples: PART1 | PART2. A Designer Jonathan Lupo has come up with an infographic that will help you to identify the type of designer you are, and...

  • Poster Become a Better Designer
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    10 Posters Will Inspire You to Become a Better Designer

    Become a Better Designer : Each designers have different personalities. Each designer have different way of working, and each of these personas have positive and negative traits. Designing is a discipline that often goes under appreciated but for those in the know you’ll understand that there’s always more you can learn. In this hosted post we’ve come up with a series of posters titled ‘Design Quotes’ design by linxsupply.com you can purchase these posters also. don’t miss : Infographic : What Type of Designer Are...

  • 20 Common Mistakes Graphic Designers Make
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    20 Common Mistakes Graphic Designers Make

    Perfection!! What do you think perfection is? Do you think we are all perfect; perfect in the way we walk, the way we talk, the way we carry ourselves or even in our work? We are perfect or not that is situational, but we all surely try to be a perfectionist. What is important here is to understand the fact that we are all humans and we tend to make mistakes. But that does not give us the liberty to...

  • Learn Design for Free
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    Learn Design Free – 12 Best Ways to Learn Designing Online

    Ever wondered if you could really learn design online for free? You don’t always have to spend money to make money. There’s plenty of free information available and it is now possible to learn how to design online. Here are twelve great and useful tips, all free of cost. We have previously hosted 10 Lessons for Young Designers which I’m sure would be of great help too. Also, check: How to Create a Logo (Tips) or How to Design The Perfect Logo (A...

  • Graphic-Designer-Decision-Tree
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    Infographic: Graphic Designer Decision Tree

    In this post, We are talking about decision tree of a graphic designer which is a flowchart-like structure that shows the various outcomes from a series of graphic designer decisions. This was meant to be a fun handout at a high school career fair to interest kids in graphic design as a job. A primary advantage of using this graphic designer decision tree is that it is easy to follow and understand. Also, read 8 Steps To DIY (Do It Yourself)...

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