• True Story of a Designer: I Feel Like Quitting Freelancing
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    True Story of a Designer: I Feel Like Quitting Freelancing

    This is a true story of a designer. The story of a designer who works hard to complete a project and then… something happens that completely shatters him down and he feels like quitting freelancing.   What Exactly happened??   I’m sure it happened with each one you; not just once or twice, but many times till today. Sometimes, clients will remain clients… no matter how much we care for them or how much we do our best to bring...

  • say “no” to free and low-budget work
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    This Email Tool Will Help You Say “No” to Free and Low-budget Work

    As a freelancer, sometimes finding the right words can be difficult when we interact with the clients, especially if you’re trying to let someone down gently. We all know negotiating is very difficult for even the well-seasoned professional or freelancer. A designer Jessica Hische has created this choose-your-own-adventure style form to help you say “no” to free and low-budget work and to help ask for more favorable contract terms before the start of a project. Related articles How to say no...

  • Say No to Free Designs
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    Say No to Free Designs, Otherwise It Will End Up in the Trash

    Say No to Free Designs, A whopping $50,000 is what I have lost till date, though it is just a rough estimation.  I wonder why did I even agree to work for free? Say no to free design, yes you should!! If I hadn’t worked for free, I could’ve been a millionaire by now. I was under the misconception that working for free and helping others would bring more opportunities for me. I have been into this designing career since...

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