• Animal-Wordmarks-by-Shibu-PG-CGfrog
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    Minimalist Animal Shaped Logo Designs by Shibu PG

    A Kochi-based Indian graphic design artist Shibu PG has created a minimalist series of animal wordmarks that use animal figure and typography to indicate the shape of the animal inside its own name. He modifies just one letter to add the defining characteristic;  for an example, the letter “u” in the word “bull” has horns, the ‘e’ in eagle appears like the head of an eagle, the ‘g’ in frog appears like a frog, and so on. This selection includes...

  • 30 Surprising Ambigram Logo Design Examples
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    30 Surprising Ambigram Logo Design Examples

    Ambigram Logo Design: In order to make a logo stand out from the crowd, a designer has to make a creative approach to its creation. One technique employed in logo designs is the use of ambigrams. An ambigram is a typographical design that can be read as one or more words when turned, mirrored or displayed from various points of direction, they play with optical illusions, symmetry, and visual perception. Some ambigrams feature a relationship between their form and their...

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